Smart Marine’s in-house design team utilizes industry-leading software to test innovative ideas, ideas learned from a decade of racing, for performance, efficiency, and safety. With a firm belief in prototype testing, each concept is digitally tested in Solidworks for structural integrity and efficient fluid dynamics.  Concept models are milled on our CNC, tested again in a scale windtunnel, and then built full scale for testing. This process enables rapid development from concept to reality with the added assurance of longevity and capability already digitally proven.  

Each vessel undergoes center of gravity calculations throughout the build process to ensure desirable performance. With a race team constantly testing set up, prototype features, and pushing our 32XR race edition hull to the limits, our team is always finding new ways to push the envelope that is high performance boating. This directly translate to the performance of our recreational models guaranteeing that the 32XPR poker run edition and 32XCC center console edition will far exceed expectations whether running to the fishing grounds, tooling around the islands, or screaming across the lake.

Design & Engineering


 Only the finest materials available make their way into our boats.

Thank you to our suppliers for their outstanding products going above and beyond to meet our demands.