While new to production for the public, Smart Marine has over 20 years of experience in the science and art of composite manufacturing. From widening and lengthening boats on their custom laser-guided jig, to one-off builds for clients, to adding their patent-pending running surface to existing race boats for owners looking for a competitive edge, the team at Smart Marine has the know-how. While performing major repairs for big name builders like MTI, Skater, and Outerlimits over the years, Smart Marine has proven themselves by learning from the short-comings of the industries, improving upon them, and implementing their own performance attributes on the biggest stage of the offshore racing scene. Not satisfied with “good enough,” Smart Marine will continue to stay ahead of the pack chasing perfection.

Smart Marine’s offshore race team, lead by the company’s CEO Chris Schoenbohm, has continually dominated over the years, culminating in a World Champion title in 2014.  2015 brought on a year dedicated to R&D for the Smart Marine Offshore Race Team as they tested modified versions of their running surfaces, aerodynamic profiles, balance by shifting their center of gravity forward and aft, and redesigned running surface ventilating steps. 2015 served to finalize what attributes would carry into their very own high-performance offshore catamaran available for purchase in 2016; the PHOENIX 32XPR, 32XR, and the 32XCC.



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