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The 32XR is a an enclosed canopy version of the Phoenix hull that features twin ventilating steps, a compression tunnel, an engineered safety-cell, and a proprietary running surface that enables high-speed cornering and incredible acceleration. The hull, deck, bulkheads, dash, and seats are fully infused, utilizing Divinycell structural closed-cell foam, Coosa transom board, quad-axis e-glass and 12k tow carbon fiber, and either Pro-Set epoxy or AME epoxy vinyl ester resins. Hulls are primered with Duratec 707-061 and finished in AWLGrip or AWLCraft.

Hull #1, debuting at the SBI World Championship, Key West, FL, Nov. 3rd 2016

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Aerial View, provided by Doug Harrell, Doug Harrell Designs



Phoenix 32X Construction Process


Pleasure model, the Phoenix 32XPR in 4, 5, and 6 seat configurations

Paint renders by Doug Harrell Designs